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The Holistic Lifestyle


Hello, and welcome to the Holistic Life Farm website. (PRESENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

For the past 36 years, I have been using a holistic approach in patient care.

A big factor in my many years of treatment success has been convincing my patients to eat quality food.

On the flip side, one of the main reasons many of my patients are ill in the first place is because of the poor quality food they are consuming.

Americans have some of the worst health on the planet (although many other countries are rapidly losing their health as they embrace America’s food and farming habits). Studies now show that our children’s life span will be shorter than our own as a result of their poor nutritional health.

At the beginning of the last century, 4% of the population (primarily the elderly) were diagnosed with cancer compared to the almost 50% rate we are now experiencing.

Is the answer to our skyrocketing rates of cancer and other diseases a better cure or could it be that we need to reform our food and farming practices?

And lastly, many scientists believe that the solution to reducing our atmospheric carbon lies in using a farming technique called “Carbon Sequestration”, which by the way also increases natural soil fertility.

Please join me as I further explain the Holistic approach to restoring health and vitality, both to ourselves and our planet.

Dr Paul Jensen


Why Live a Holistic Life?

The cancer epidemic alone should be motivation enough for changing our ways when you consider that one half of our loved ones will likely get cancer. Of those who do, only one third will survive past 5 years.

Cancer is just one of the many health epidemics we as well as our planet is faced with. The reductionist approach continues to focus on chemical fixes instead of looking at the root causes. If we get to the cause and prevent it, we and our planet will heal.

Holistic Philosophy

Holistic life practices take into account the infinite array of synergistic connections in our body, psyche and our planet. Without a doubt, science has proven that we live in a holistic world.

Unfortunately, planet and human problems are mostly approached with a reductionist mindset. Ironically, as doctors and scientists study a subject in minute detail (learning more and more about less and less), they begin to unravel these symbiotic connections that make up our holistic world. In other words, they also often conclude that “you can’t fix the part until you fix the whole”.

The reductionist approach of “better living through chemistry” has played a big part in creating the mess we find ourselves and our planet in. When we manipulate nature with chemicals there is a price to pay.

Problem solving from a holistic perspective takes into consideration these symbiotic connections that exist between microorganisms, plants and animals (humans included).

Living a holistic life means respecting our body's and planet's natural intelligence for self-regulation and self- healing, and never undermining this natural intelligence with reductionist fixes.


Our Farm

On our farm,we practice sustainable, organic, no-till regenerative farming of animals/poultry, vegetable crops, berries and fruit trees.
Our primary goal is teaching (and practicing) holistic life principles (using the farm as a learning tool).

Since acquiring our farm in 2019, we have added cows, sheep, goats and chickens (which we use for improving soil fertility and health giving food).

We have started vegetable gardens, planted fruit trees and berries and built a movable greenhouse.
Future projects include ongoing land regeneration, turning the cedar barn into living facilities for guests and workshops.

Building a root cellar.
Begin no-till seeding for enhanced carbon sequestration.
Building a biochar retort kiln for home heating/biochar soil enhancement.
Building ponds.

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