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We are 1-Emotional, 2-Physical and 3-Biochemical human beings.

A holistic life seeks to create balance of this triad.

Any area of this triad that is out of balance impacts the rest.

Our body has the natural ability to work perfectly if we take care of all three areas of this triad.

Ignoring any part needing attention creates dysfunction within us.

What Creates Dysfunction

An overload* of stress, whether emotional, physical or biochemical.


Emotional Stressors

*Our body is designed to deal with and actually thrive with a small amount of intermittent stress as long as it's not too much.

Past and Present Relationships

Unresolved Conflict

Fears and Phobias

Emotional Abuse/Trauma

Negative Beliefs


Low Self Esteem

Physical Stressors

Physical Trauma

Repetitive Use Injury


Physical Inactivity or Overactivity

Sleep Deprivation

Spinal Issues

Dental Issues

Biochemical Stressors

Environmental Chemicals




Metabolic Waste

Metabolic Imbalance

With a holistic approach to life you must consider all three parts of the triad in making life decisions or solving problems, realizing that changing one thing has the potential to have an effect other parts of the triad.

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