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Miniature Durham Cattle
famous Durham ox.png
The Famous Durham Ox
Our new bull calf Wilcoxin "Willy"

The Miniature Durham breed (also called Miniature Shorthorns) originated from Durham England. These beautiful cows were made famous in hundreds of paintings during the 18th century.  The Durham breed was Oregon's first breed of cattle,   pulling wagons across the Oregon trail to get here. This breed is fondly known for it's gentleness and ease of handling during milking or moving them about in the pasture, This dual purpose dairy and beef animal formally served as an obedient draft animal (then called the Durham Ox), clearing and plowing land in pioneer times.

The size of the breed is meant to be small but not delicate. The Miniature Durham is a robust, low-maintenance animal that lends itself to the needs of those with small acreage. This breed will fatten efficiently on grass and the wear and tear on grazing fields is minimal compared to it's larger cousins. The beautiful color patterns of this breed creates the perfect scenic accent to any pasture. 

Holistic Life Farm is committed to keeping this heritage breed from becoming endangered. These special cattle will win you over with a visit to our farm.

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